Who is an Angel?

Who is an Angel?

For many of us, the word "Angel" may be a word of curiosity because we have been hearing this word since our childhood and still wondering what an angel is, and how it would be like, how it can protect or guide someone and many many such unanswered questions! Though they are thought to be mythical creatures with a human form with wings and halo above their head, who is always assisting God in protecting and guiding other souls. But my thought is why we always tend to think that angels are those who are visiting us far from heaven by flying such a great distance for fulfilling some positive purpose?! Why cant we find an angel around us in our family or in our society or in our work place itself, or if you cannot find one why cant you be one?!

I like to believe that angels are humans themselves but with divine attitudes. Yes!  If you are too kind that you can give pure love to everyone without selfish motivation, if you are too merciful that  you can send good and pure wishes to those who are in deep sorrow, if  you are too compassionate enough to see the qualities rather than the weaknesses in people around you, if you forgive somebody by blessing and uplifting them instead of cursing, even though they do not deserve it, if you are too humble and self-esteemed  that you can tolerate a situation and extend cooperation even when not appreciated, no doubt, you are definitely an angel!

Oh! don't worry about those mythical soft, fluffy and beautiful wings those we have been seeing in the pictures! It's just symbolic! Why can't it be the symbolization of the lightness and freedom of the soul by which it can fly constantly in the company of God?! If one has broken all the chains of  bondages or attachments in the physical world, the person can surely achieve the state of lightness and freedom. To achieve such a state, spiritual knowledge is essential.  So, what is that stopping us from understanding that one of it's wings represent spiritual knowledge received from God, while the other represent the spiritual qualities and powers, which has developed through the power of meditation or  through the spiritual connection with God?  As angels are always in touch with the Supreme Being, they can experience that constant and true support of the Supreme soul for sure and by this obviously they can be the protectors and spiritual guides of many others, by sharing with them, spiritual knowledge, qualities and powers, which they possesses.

So, in short, who is an angel? It can be you or me if we are the right hand of God, in transforming the world into a heaven through the language of spiritual silence, through powerful positive thoughts and even through  sweet words full of spiritual knowledge, all of which help to uplift fellow beings.

So if you cannot find one, be one! :-)